Performance Carbon

Offshore wind turbines at sunset

At Performance Carbon we keep the world moving, from electric cars to industrial motors

We serve diverse sectors such as semiconductors, power generation, rail, wind turbines, and industrial markets.

Our products include graphites for silicon carbide semiconductor wafer production, current collectors for rail pantographs and third rail shoes, carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings, terminal blocks, and motor maintenance equipment, as well as AEGIS® SGR bearing protection for motors and generators. Our advanced carbon and graphite-based components are essential during silicon chip fabrication.

From power generation to wind turbines, our commitment to the future of carbon technology can be seen through our high-performing carbon products and speciality graphite applications. At Morgan we do not just produce products, we shape the future of advanced carbon solutions and systems.

Performance Carbon delivers cutting-edge solutions. As a global leader in advanced materials engineering, we are dedicated to providing innovative products and services across a spectrum of markets. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive range of solutions, from aerospace and energy to healthcare, industrial applications, and transportation.

Innovative Engineering Solutions

We are continuously innovating our trusted high-performance carbon products to meet the specific applications of our customers, including:

Precision silicon carbide components

Our silicon carbide (SiC) materials are the preferred choice for many of the market's respected mechanical seal manufacturers, demanding the best possible tribological performance in hard-on-hard seal face and bearing combinations.

Carbon materials for seals and bearings

Self-lubricating and extreme high-temperature tolerances, approximately 20 unique recipes and over 200 possible material combinations.

Carbon 634 grade brush

The 634-grade brush is widely acknowledged as the best-performing material for power generation on a global scale.

We're the top supplier of carbon brushes for power generation. Our high-quality generator carbon brushes support various applications. Our National 634 brush is the industry standard for turbo alternator applications and is available for purchase.

Leading Global Supplier in the Railway Industry

We are a leading global supplier in the railway industry, providing products, services and solutions for electrical motors and current collector systems.

Morgan MSPro14

Morgan MSPro14 - the new improved surface profiler can accurately measure and record surface conditions on commutators and slip rings.