Performance Carbon

Semiconductor products: Carbon and graphite solutions for the semiconductor sector

We produce a range of industry-leading carbon and porous/non-porous speciality graphite products for use in diverse electrical applications, including those in the semiconductor and LED sectors.

Drawing upon over a century of expert knowledge in the supply of graphite products, we are dedicated to assisting manufacturers in enhancing the performance and reliability of their product developments.

At Morgan, we make advanced material components that are consumables in semiconductor processing for two sub-segments of this market:

  • Silicon chip fabrication
  • Silicon carbide material production

Critical in silicon chip fabrication, our carbon, graphite, and ceramic-based components are essential in the manufacturing process, playing a key role in our customers' success.

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is a new compound semiconductor prized for its superior performance in power devices, this performance benefit enables our products to optimise the manufacture of silicon carbide semiconductor material. We provide leading innovators in silicon carbide material production with products that serve as an enabler to unlock the scalability of this material.

Our knowledge of advanced materials and vast engineering expertise allow us to develop products with high purity and outstanding insulative properties, while maintaining tight control of porosity. Used within a range of applications including furnace insulations, structural and diffusion components, and machined furnace components, our products offer a range of unique properties for our customers:

  • Our carbon and graphite felt products operate to the high temperature ranges
  • Our products have world-class purity (parts per billion trace metals for ultra-purified porous graphite materials)
  • We offer custom design and precision machining capabilities

Working closely with our customers from across the semiconductor sector, we develop bespoke solutions to meet individual requirements.

Carbon and graphite products for the semiconductor sector 

We offer a range of high-specification graphite products that allow semiconductor manufacturers to operate at higher temperatures with improved efficiency, including:

  • Porous graphite materials for single crystal SiC growth applications (ultra-high purity and standard)
  • Carbon and graphite felts (available in roll, cut, stitched and cylinder forms)
  • Rigid boards (available in block, cut and machined forms)
  • Graphite powders
  • Machined iso-graphite
  • Carbon/graphite cloth