Performance Carbon

Mining and construction

Reliability and performance in the toughest environments

Our specialistic electrical components designed for mining and construction equipment ensure reliability and performance, even in the toughest environments.

Our expertise gives us the ability to engineer components for large-scale and small-scale projects.

The motors and generators powering mining equipment need specially treated brush grades to combat problems related to harsh mining environments and severe operating loads.

Our high-performance brushes operate from sub-zero to >40°C ambient temperatures and are able to operate at 2km above sea level, or up to 4km underground. We have successfully provided solutions using materials like these to some of the Mining industry's most daunting challenges. In fact field tests at customer sites have proved that our brushes give excellent commutation, extended life, and low commutator wear.

For equipment manufacturers and operators, we make specialist crane collectors and a wide range of slip rings. Designed for high reliability in the harsh conditions of construction and mining sites, our bespoke parts are frequently specified by equipment manufacturers like mobile cranes and telescopic cranes.