Performance Carbon

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Power generation

Solutions for power generation applications

Surpass your safety and environmental protection goals with high efficiency Morgan power generation components.

Thanks to dependable material grades, our components offer exceptional reliability and outstanding tribological performance for applications like service valves, pumps, reciprocating equipment, and rotating equipment.

  • Thanks to our low wear and friction rates that increase efficiency and reduce downtime, Morgan’s extensive material portfolio has long demonstrated the performance required of the most demanding conditions
  • Our reliable components have been in use for decades in nuclear power generation and in renewable power generation such as nuclear, wind, thermal, hydroelectric, and solar applications

Another crucial role our components play in the energy sector is to support fossil fuel applications that provide safe and reliable refinement of fossil fuels for heat, energy and transportation. They also help prevent environmental pollution through stringent sealing solutions.

We produce reliable seals and bearings solutions through our global footprint, provide local support for the urgent needs of facilities, and aerospace-grade quality control systems with full traceability to raw material batches.

Why Morgan?


  • Our carbon brushes exhibit exceptional performance from non-load to high load for a range of applications, and benefit from low friction within extreme conditions and low humidity
  • Our brush range is engineered to reduce slip ring wear and to maximise brush life
  • Our carbon brushes come with a wide range of brush holders featuring high-end design and stable pressure over time with a range of platings for atmospheric protection
  • Our range of high-performance power slip rings is supplied with our brushes and holders with mounting cage assemblies. These slip rings feature a cost-efficient design which has been tested for high potential within extreme temperatures and at high speeds, resulting in exceptional performance in extreme environments
  • We can engineer customised parts and complete bespoke systems to help customers overcome design challenges and optimise the output, performance and reliability of their turbine designs
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