Performance Carbon

Iron, steel, orange, hot

Steel, chemical and industrial

Demanding steel, chemical and industrial environments require durable advanced materials

In industrial applications where demands on materials are diverse and rigorous, Morgan develops and produces high-performance materials designed for harsh environments.

Our range of products includes carbon brushes and holders, slip rings, crane collectors, and terminal blocks.

Our products are used in motor and generator applications, as well as casting and foundry processes in steel, mining, casting, paper mills, automotive, maintenance, and light industry and repair.

  • AEGIS® SGR™ rings and our wide range of high-performance electrical materials are suitable for use in challenging environments such as steel processing
  • Morgan brushes perform well in high-temperature applications in steel mills specifically, seamlessly transitioning from running extreme high current to very low load

In chemical and fuel processing environments, consistent performance is key to our advanced materials meeting and exceeding high safety and environmental protection standards. Low friction rates are critical, contributing to more efficient operations and resulting in substantial energy and cost savings.

Our self-lubricating seals, bearings and shafts reduce pump energy consumption in power stations and chemical plants. These components exhibit exceptional resistance to chemical and physical wear, corrosion, and extreme heat.

Our engineers offer expert support to guide you through technical equipment upgrades, providing advice on selecting the right materials and assemblies for your specific needs.


Partnering with marine equipment suppliers, we specialise in crafting custom-engineered electrical components for niche applications. With over 50 years of successful collaboration, Morgan is a trusted manufacturer, skilled at high-volume production for the water market. Our material portfolio, encompassing ceramic and carbon, makes Morgan a comprehensive one-stop solution.

With reliability and dedicated customer support, we areisriswell-equipped to cater to the global water market's demands. Our materials showcase minimal wear rates, enhancing pump longevity and ensuring dependable performance for end-users. Our seals and bearing components are integral to water pump applications, spanning from domestic use to industrial cooling and wastewater management.

Morgan is your ideal partner providing precision engineering capabilities, adaptable production volumes, and a worldwide manufacturing footprint for local support.