Performance Carbon



Ideal carbon and graphite solutions for aerospace applications

With over 100 years of experience in design and manufacture in the aerospace industry, we have a comprehensive portfolio of materials.

As a main supplier to OEMs, our high-quality carbon products are ideal for aerospace as they provide high-performance, safety-critical materials for high temperatures and high altitudes.

With our team of application engineers, we provide optimum solutions for aerospace applications.

As global leaders in carbon and graphite cloth development, we pioneered the first processing site for carbon cloth in the world.  Recognised as the industry standard in the United States for aerospace and military applications involving ablative nozzles, our carbon and graphite cloth products offer outstanding performance within a range of vital properties.

We also specialise in manufacturing a wide range of high-performance electrical components for use in aerospace applications, ranging from commercial airlines to military aircraft.

  • Our carbon brushes are found in starters, alternators, auxiliary power units, generators, servo-motors, and fuel pump applications
  • Our components can be found in fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, rockets, commercial and military aircraft, and ground-based turbine engines
  • Applications include bearing damper rings in hydraulic systems, valve and actuator assemblies, high-temperature piston rings, precision alumina rods, bleed valves, fuel pumps, and hydraulic pumps