Performance Carbon

Security & Defence

Security and defence

Optimising performance in carbon products for the security and defence market

We specialise in supplying manufacturers with bespoke, high performance carbon products designed for a diverse range of defence equipment applications.

With over 100 years of experience in the defence market, we collaborate closely with our customers helping them navigate design challenges and optimise equipment performance.

Our offerings include brushes and brush holders crafted for aerospace and marine defence, providing safety-critical materials that excel in various environments, from high altitudes to submarine settings.

We provide world leading carbon and graphite cloth products for use within the security and defence sector. We are also recognised in the United States as the industry standard for aerospace and military applications involving ablative rocket nozzles, our products play a key role in maintaining national defence systems worldwide.

For more information about our expertise in carbon brushes, electrical linear systems, and carbon cloth used within the security and defence market, contact us today or browse our security and defence products.