Performance Carbon

About us

We specialise in innovating cutting-edge carbon, graphite, and carbide products that deliver outstanding performance.

We service the industrial, power generation, rail and wind turbine markets with carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings, terminal blocks, diagnostic and motor maintenance equipment as well as AEGIS® SGR bearing protection for motors and generators.

We engineer and produce specialty advanced graphite products including casting dies, high temperature cloth and felt, billet sleeves and rod dies, degassing units and furnace accessories. Our porous graphite and graphitised felt products are recognised in the market for helping maintain a highly stable environment for growing silicone carbide crystals.

Finally, our low friction seals and bearings utilise our material expertise to optimise component applications, helping our customers manage friction and wear in rotating equipment worldwide.

Our expert engineers use their specialist knowledge to work closely with our customers to recommend the most appropriate material grade to meet the demands of any application.