Performance Carbon

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Morgan empowers the future of transportation

We are a preferred supplier for rail, aerospace, marine and electric cars in the transportation market. 

Why does the worldwide transportation community choose Morgan?

To support the global push for sustainability and the electrification of vehicles, components need to be more efficient to reduce energy consumption, increase vehicle range, and ensure safety for the end-user.

  • Our predictable high-performance leads to lower maintenance costs and increased vehicle up-time, directly benefiting our customer’s bottom line and their equipment’s reliability
  • Our high-performing and durable components use our advanced materials to make the world more sustainable by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving the efficiency of vehicles
  • Morgan's wide-ranging materials expertly balance the softness of the material against low wear rates, allowing for near-frictionless operation
  • Our components enable pumps to run more efficiently, reducing CO2 emissions in internal combustion engines, and reducing electricity consumption in electric vehicles
  • We continuously optimise our materials for individual projects, and applications include fuel management, thermal management, emissions management, and braking systems

Choose Morgan to lower maintenance costs, increase vehicle up-time, and power the sustainable future of transportation.