Performance Carbon

Home and industrial appliances

Custom solutions for industrial, power tool, and home appliance manufacturers

Morgan’s carbon brush grade portfolio addresses a wide variety of industrial, power tool and home appliance applications for the global market.

We partner with some of the world’s largest manufacturers of home and industrial appliances, due to our understanding of carbon and graphite materials science, global manufacturing footprint, and testing facilities.

In addition to our current carbon brush grades, we also develop, test, and validate new carbon brush grades for specific applications. Like our top performing brushes, our service network covers the entire world, and we provide our customers with professional product application knowledge, and fast, proactive communication.

We offer a wide range of products for the petrochemical Industry including:

  • Raschig rings
  • Graphite rods

Our extruded graphite rods and tubes are available as either solid or hollow, and feature both high purity and outstanding strength.

Our extensive manufacturing resources and expertise also allow us to produce these products at low cost, making these the ideal choice for use in spectroscopy analytical equipment. Due to their excellent chemical and thermal stability, high strength, and life in operation, our products have superior consistency and performance, making them the right choice for petrochemical applications.

Using proprietary Electron Transport Technology™, the conductive microfibers inside the AEGIS® SGR™ provide the path of least resistance for damaging shaft currents. This prevents electrical damage to motor bearings and dramatically extends motor life.

Iron, hot, sparks

Steel industry

We manufacture a wide range of high-performance electrical materials suitable for use in the harsh environment of a steel processing plant. Our range includes:

  • Carbon brushes and holders
  • Slip rings
  • Crane collectors
  • Terminal blocks
  • AEGIS® SGR™ rings

Our brushes perform in high temperature applications in steel mills with extreme high current that switch to very low load running.

Typical applications in this sector include:

Rolling mills

  • Morgan electrographite brushes in grades EG251 and SA45 are specifically designed to handle the load cycling of rolling mill motors
  • Harsh environmental applications such as hot mill drives and temper mill generators require high performance materials. ur team can assist in selecting the best for your applications

Tinning lines

  • Tinning lines require a matched and compatible brush and holder solution to cope with high currents and harsh environments
  • Application-specific materials are copper graphites such as CM5H, CM3H or CM1S, depending on the load and speed characteristics
  • Morgan engineers can assist in technical equipment upgrades, advising on the correct materials and assemblies

Our experience in the design and manufacture of specialist electrical components for steel processing spans over 100 years, and we offer high performance materials in this extreme environment. We offer bespoke design, technical support, and a complete range of Martindale products for motor maintenance and repair.