Performance Carbon

High performance polymer materials

Why choose Morgan high performance polymer materials?

Morgan high performance polymer materials or PTFE materials are a set of superior, self-lubricated materials with excellent strength, high hardness and wear resistance.

Morgan high performance polymer materials or PTFE materials offer a wide range of desirable properties including:

  • Low coefficients of static and dynamic friction
  • Operating Temperature range of -200°C to +200°C
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Chemically inert
  • Non-toxic and non-hydroscopic
  • Can operate in dry gases


Morgan PTFE material families

Morgan’s high-performance polymer families include:

  • Carbon/graphite filled PTFE
  • Glass fibre-filled PTFE
  • Bronze/MOS2 filled PTFE
  • Glass fibre/carbon alloy filled PTFE
  • Glass fibre/MoS2/graphite filled PTFE
  • Bronze/MOS2/ZnO filled PTFE
  • Glass fibre/vopper
  • Resin bonded PTFE with graphite/PTFE/MOS2 Filler

Morgan PTFE applications

Morgan’s high-performance polymer applications include:

  • Cylinder and packing wear parts for oil-free and lubricated reciprocating compressors
  • Inter stage labyrinth seals of rotary compressors
  • Journal and thrust bearings in submersible motors
  • Applications in product lubricated pumps
  • Pump 'neck' rings
  • Seals and bearings in valve applications
  • Bearing pads on rail and tram systems
  • Seals and bearings in water turbines