Performance Carbon

Carbon Graphite

Why choose Morgan Carbon Graphite?

Carbon graphite is self lubricating and possess high-temperature tolerances, making it suitable for use in applications where it would be difficult or impossible to use oil or grease lubrication.

The primary properties of carbon graphite are:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Dimensional stability

Morgan Carbon Graphite applications

Our carbon graphite is impregnated with various materials to give application-specific properties. Typical carbon graphite applications include:

  • Mechanical seal components for a wide variety of sealing applications
  • Rotors and vanes
  • Structural components
  • Air bearings

Why partner with Morgan?

  • A global innovator in the design and manufacture of advanced material
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure our ability to produce bespoke components at high volumes
  • Our engineers and material scientists work alongside our customers to devise the most efficient and cost-effective material solution


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