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Siliconised Graphite

Why choose Morgan Purebide Siliconised Graphite?

The future of silicon carbide/graphite composites, including Morgan’s leading Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS).

Morgan offers a range of siliconised graphite marketed under our Purebide® brand. Purebide® offers a wide range of desirable properties including:

  • High hardness, approaching monolithic silicon carbide
  • A lower modulus, closer to that of electrographite
  • Abrasion resistance

Key siliconised graphite benefits

  • Lack of size change during the reaction process
  • Enables the creation of complex configurations through traditional turning and grinding approaches (surfaces are then converted to silicon carbide in a cost-effective manner)
  • The siliconised surface provides increased abrasion resistance from metallic options
  • Some residual graphite remaining within the silicon carbide matrix, results in better lubrication to the interface, extending load capabilities over metallic based materials

Siliconised Graphite applications

  • Mechanical Seal Faces
  • Sliding Bearings


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