Performance Carbon

Black and white photo of six bearded men gathered around a table dressed in formal suits from the 1800s, threee seated and three standing


Morgan Advanced Materials started as the The Patent Plumbago Crucible Company founded in 1856 in London by the Morgan brothers, when they secured a licence to sell American-built crucibles in the UK.

Soon the brothers began manufacturing crucibles, not only for England’s Royal Mint but also for mints in India, France and Germany. Thus, the brothers, eight out of ten of whom worked in the business, laid the foundations of a company whose products were in demand throughout the world.

In the early 20th Century Morgan Advanced Materials diversified its product range and developed a range of carbon brushes for the rapidly expanding Electricity Industry. This would be the basis for the Performance Carbon division which soon developed into a global supplier of bespoke application solutions, providing businesses with carbon, graphite, silicon carbide, oxide ceramics and related advanced materials.

Morgan's Performance business produces a wide variety of products, including carbon brush and related components, body armour, graphite powder for the synthetic diamond sector, and carbon technology solutions for the aerospace and space exploration industries. Throughout the last century the Carbon division grew from the site at Battersea to 35 manufacturing facilities across 5 continents and we are now a modern carbon business creating innovative, market leading products, systems and solutions for a broad range of markets across the globe.